Subway Surfers - Guide play for beginner

Subway Surfers Game

Subway Surfers is a platformer, action game with a mechanic very similar to Temple Run, where you have to flee the police in a dangerous and apparently abandoned train station, with trains passing by at full speed.

subway surfers game

Subway Surfers is a very entertaining game with a simple and addictive mechanic. It keeps you glued to the screen for hours while trying to beat our friends records, which you can check over the internet.

Help Jake and friends to escape from the angry subway inspector his pitbull dog. Run and jump as fast as you can. The aim of the game Subway Surfers is to run as far as you can from a policeman, avoid obstacles and collect coins to buy bonuses. The only distinction is that there are no trains there. This version of the game resembles the original more, which is surely its strong side.

The graphics of Subway Surfers are impressive. So much that at times it will lag in terminals that are not very powerful. It’s true, the character models and textures are a real treat.

Subway Surfers

How to play Subway Surfers Game:

Finger slide

You have to move your character between three ‘lanes’ by swiping your finger across the screen. Of course, you can jump over obstacles and roll on the ground to dodge some others. You can also use different gadgets like jetpacks or skateboards to help you in your unending race.

Slide your finger down the screen, to jump and to roll. Since there is a lane to your left and right, just slide your finger left or right. Remember, you can’t jump on top of trains unless you have the Super Sneakers.

To get coins

To get coins just run through them. Like you’d expect in this sort of game, you have to complete various missions where you can get coins to buy upgrades. This is nothing new, but it is still fun.

There are 4 powerups you can get within the game

- Super Sneakers: Makes you able to jump higher.

- Jetpack: Makes you fly above the train track and lets you grab additional coins.

- Coin Magnet: Makes you able to grab all the coins around you.

- 2x Multiplier: Multiplies your original multiplier by 2

Buy in the store

You can buy different boards and characters in the me bar on the front screen. Buy boosts because they’re helpful and may be needed. There are different characters, so you can buy new ones if you have enough coins you can buy them.

- Hoverboard: Lets you ride on a hoverboard so you can ride in style and also have a higher chance of survival (if you crash you can still keep running)

- Mystery Box: You can get various prizes in it.

- Score Booster: Adds +5 to your multiplier. For example, if your multiplier is x10 then it would change to x15.

- Mega Headstart: Get a head start at the beginning of the game so you can go farther and get a higher score

If you forget how to play, there is a tutorial option at the main menu.